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Ruby’s List is designed to help you find information and adoption professionals who focus on love as the first foundation of family.   

Our founder, Greg, learned many painful lessons while adopting his daughter, Ruby. This site is intended to help you steer clear of some of the roadblocks he encountered so that you can work with professional individuals who understand the love and advantages you can give a child.

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What We Offer


Learn how our experience, understanding, and resources will help simplify your adoption process. Our offerings include:

  • Information resources and experiential knowledge of the process through the eyes of an adoptive parent.
  • Links to reviewed organizations and resources in each state that will help you find what you need.
  • A list of adoption agencies that have been screened to be inclusive and open to LGBTQ families.
  • A list of adoption attorneys who understand and can help you navigate the path to forming YOUR family.
  • Links to articles about adoption with a focus on inclusivity as well as how to address obstacles and challenges faced by prospective LGBTQ parents.
  • Information for expectant mothers about what LGBTQ parents have to offer (a LOT!)
  • Links to professionals, websites, and organizations you can contact directly. Don’t forget that you can help others by letting them know how you found them.
  • Filtering tools to sort information so you can find resources in your state and national professionals who can help in your area.

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“The extremely supportive point of view of Ruby’s List made all the difference in achieving my goal of starting my goal of starting a family.”

Kenny D, First-time adoptive father

Greg and Ruby Great Wall


Our first-hand experience inspired this initiative.

Hi, my name is Greg. I’m Ruby’s dad! I created Ruby’s Lists in an effort to help others like myself build the family you’ve been dreaming about!

For me, the journey was bumpy and downright rough at times. I didn’t initially find a lot of support for a single, gay guy who wanted to become a dad. I was in my 30’s, career was going well, and everything appeared to be ‘in place’… to everyone but me that is. Becoming a parent was something that I have always wanted and that is what my life was painfully missing. I tried the marriage…

Our Story

Expectant Mothers

Your baby can become part of a loving, inclusive family that shares your values. we have resources and contacts for you.