How We
Achieved our
Journey to

Ruby’s Story

Hi, my name is Greg, I’m Ruby’s dad! I created Ruby’s Lists in an effort to help others like myself build the family you’ve been dreaming about!

For me, the journey was bumpy and downright rough at times. I didn’t initially find a lot of support for a single, gay guy who wanted to become a dad. I was in my 30’s, career was going well, and everything appeared to be ‘in place’… to everyone but me that is. Becoming a parent was something that I have always wanted and that is what my life was painfully missing. I tried the marriage route and dating people with kids, but nothing worked. I honestly didn’t believe that someone like me could be a parent… but I started to research anyhow.

It was difficult for me to find information and resources, and I was constantly faced with roadblocks as a single guy as well as a gay man. My search came to a halt when I was berated by an agency representative that all but yelled at me that “what woman would want to put her child with someone LIKE YOU!?!?” I was dumbstruck. I took that hatred to heart and didn’t attempt gathering information on adoption for 4 years after that interaction. It was hateful, it was unfair, it was judgmental and it was clearly wrong, but I believed that angry person when they said I wasn’t good enough.


A few years passed, and the nagging feeling wouldn’t go away; I desperately wanted to be a dad, so I started up again. As luck would have it I came across a completely different type of agency with an extremely supportive point of view and that made all the difference. Once I had professionals on my side that were dedicated to helping me create my family, it happened. Without going into too much detail right now, let it suffice to say I feel like the luckiest Daddy on earth! My daughter, Ruby, is the single greatest gift the universe has ever given me and I feel so fortunate that I met professionals who could help me bring her into my life. She’s a healthy, happy, amazing ray of sunshine that I get to call my daughter!

Much like I knew I wanted to be a parent, I knew that the roadblocks to my becoming one weren’t necessary, and I knew that I wasn’t the only one having these problems. I’ve created Ruby’s Lists with the help of a great team in an effort to smooth the path for you creating your family. We have links to each state’s official offices, information and articles about inclusive adoption, information for expecting mothers who might want to know more about LGBTQ families, and we have screened adoption agencies and attorneys to be sure you can avoid hatred and judgment and focus on what’s really important, creating your family as you choose to define it!

Ruby and I wish you the best on your journey and hope that we have, in some small way, made the path to building your family a little easier… we wish you and your families love and happiness!